Talking Trash: Västerås Introduces Talking Bigbellies!

Posted by Bigbelly on 12/2/19 3:45 PM

Vasteras Bigbelly

Västerås, Sweden - Ever wonder what a Bigbelly is thinking? How "smart" are these street-side Smart Waste monsters? Now Sweden can talk some serious trash with a Bigbelly right in their neighborhood! Feed a Bigbelly its favorite lunch, and it'll share a fun fact about Sustainability.

Vasteras Bigbelly 2-1

Launched in Västerås just this past month, the new initiative seeks to engage the public around sustainability, and encourage passers-by to literally 'pitch in'.  These fun & playful Bigbellies share 100 different audio messages with facts about sustainability, wildlife, nature, and health.  Each time community members throw trash into the waste bin, the Bigbellies are happy to share their thoughts.

The new talking Bigbelly Smart Waste stations are part of a collaborative initiative by Västerås City for a safer, cleaner, more sustainable community.  The goal is to reduce littering by making it fun to throw away debris.

"The execution corresponds to the city's three strategic development areas; It is an idea that works with curiosity and learning to increase comfort and contribute to an ecologically sustainable city," says Anna Thunell, Chairman of the Technical Board, City of Västerås.

OUR PROUD PARTNER - EWF ECO is Bigbelly's exclusive Distributor for Bigbelly in Sweden, Finland, Denmark and Norway.  For more information on Bigbelly in Nordic territories, contact EWF us on 00410-495 24 95 or contact EWF here.

WATCH - TV021 Bigbelly FEATURE!  See Västerås' talking Bigbelly fleet in action, and hear from the initiative's key leaders.

Bigbelly Vasteras TV


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