Bigbelly Smart Waste for Airports: Cost, Sustainability, & Experience

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Airports around the world, from New York to Singapore, deploy the Bigbelly Smart Waste & Recycling system to create a first-rate passenger experience, achieve sustainability goals, reduce environmental impact, and realize a 2-3x ROI.

"It's Really Taking Off..." - Bigbelly for Airports  around the World

Bigbelly's smart waste community extends across almost every sector worldwide, deployed for both outdoor and indoor applications, in public & private sector spaces.  Bigbelly is known its 100% solar-powered solution outdoors, however, one of Bigbelly's most impactful indoor applications is inside airports of all sizes & operational structures. Airports deploy Bigbelly to experience all of the benefits of Smart Waste, from its significant aesthetic impact to its dramatic impact on operational efficiency.  Airports like Changi Singapore, LaGuardia NYC, Copenhagen, Charlotte Douglas, and more realize the following Key Benefits by implementing the Bigbelly Smart Waste & Recycling solution:

Bigbelly Smart Waste Charlotte Douglas Airport
  • Refined Passenger Experience: Create Upscale, Visibly Cleaner Terminals
  • Sustainability: Attain Sustainability & Recycling Goals
  • Operational Efficiency: Reduce Passenger Space Waste OPEX by over 60%


Lookin' Fly - The Passenger Experience

Bigbelly creates beautiful, state-of-the-art transportation hubs free of visible waste, minimizing visitors’ interaction with daily maintenance routines. Unlike non-integrated, reactive waste collection systems, travelers’ experience is unobstructed and seamless. Key to guest loyalty, Bigbelly prioritizes the quality of travelers’ interactions with sanitation in their shared space.

  • Bigbelly Smart Waste Copenhagen AirportNo Visible Waste: Increased Capacity & Complete Waste Containment
  • Fewer Disruptions: Reduced Interactions with Maintenance, Fewer Contact Points with Open Waste, Less Terminal Traffic
  • Beautiful, Innovative Space: Leading-Edge Technology & Uniform Waste Management Aesthetic
  • Passengers Love Bigbelly: Passenger surveys consistently rank Bigbelly’s smart waste system as one of the the most innovative aspects of an airport


Green Terminals, Blue Skies - Airport Sustainability Goals & Programs

Adhering to the principles of Sustainability, Bigbelly’s hardware & software ecosystem reduces negative environmental impacts and integrates sustainable practices into daily operations. Data-driven reporting tracks sustainability goals for each unique program. Bigbelly prioritizes sustainable design, with technology & services dedicated to maximizing the life of each asset.

Bigbelly Smart Waste LaGuardia Airport

  • Measurable Recycling: Increase Diversion Rate to over 50%, Benchmark & Achieve Zero Waste Goals
  • Reduce Plastic Bags: Typically 10X fewer bags consumed
  • Energy Efficient: Bigbelly uses 25X less electricity than other compactors - less than $1 per year


Soaring Savings - Operational Efficiency & Cost Savings

By reducing the number of collections through increased capacity, comprehensive reporting, real-time alerts, and intelligent collection, Bigbelly allows airport maintenance teams to maximize their productivity & resources. Where airports traditionally allocate several hours per day to waste collections,  Bigbelly saves time to address other public sanitation tasks and maintenance projects. Total Operating Costs utilizing the Bigbelly system is on average 4X less than what airports are spending today:

Bigbelly Smart Waste Cost Savings

  • Optimize Labor Hours: Reduce collections labor by 10X. Realize over 60% savings today and maintain wage consistency.
  • Reduce Bag Costs: 10X fewer bags saving thousands of dollars per year.
  • Fewer Bins to Service: Reduces bin footprint by 40-50% while maintaining passenger convenience.


Airport Customer Testimonial - CopenHagen Airport (CHP)

Bigbelly Smart Waste Copenhagen Airport"With a desired result first and foremost to be able to sort the garbage, and in particular to sort out plastic bottles and to reduce the amount of daily collections, CPH were able to optimize both the waste collection and source management with specific focus on bottle collection. At the same time being able to realize the potential of using fewer manpower resources. Due to Covid-19, Copenhagen airport experienced a loss of more than 90 percent of the customer base, the business case with Bigbelly was adapted to expected losses until 2022, but even with that in mind the decision about implementing the Bigbelly-solution still proved itself as the correct option for waste management in CPH. In the period after implementation and before covid-19, the Bigbelly system sorted approx. 20.000 liters of bottles and cans, bringing in a revenue stream of approx. 7.000 DKK on a daily basis, and cut more than 90% saved collections. Side effects was cleaner sitting areas, and with a reduction of approximately 60% in the numbers of bins. We believe that the visibility of the Bigbelly solution is the main reason of why passengers easier use the bins correctly."

- Kevin Arildtoft Moer, CR- & Communication Advisor

More to Love about Bigbelly 

Bigbelly Smart Waste LaGuardia AirportEasy Install & Operation
  • Bigbelly High-Capacity stations plug directly into any outlet, without the need for a dedicated circuit.
  • One 20A circuit can power 100 Bigbelly High-Capacity compactors.
  • All data stored in the Bigbelly cloud, requiring no additional IT resources or setup.
Bigbelly Smart Waste Copenhagen AirportBest In-Terminal Performance:
  • Best-in-class safety - No reach access to waste compactor.
  • The only compactor that allows users to deposit waste, even while the station is compacting.
  • Hands-Free Foot Pedal for clean, safe, and easy waste disposal.
  • Battery Backup: works for 30+ days when unplugged
  • 'Whisper-silent' operation ensures no audible disruptions to the environment. 

Bigbelly Smart Waste Charlotte Douglas AirportMost Environmentally-Friendly Compactor:

  • 25X less electricity use than other compactors.
  • Less than $1 of electricity per year Modular Design.
  • Customizable with 5 different waste streams, available in both compactors & non-compactors.
  • Chain-drive mechanism. No leaky hydraulic oil.


Bigbelly Smart Waste Airport TerminalData Where & When You Need It:

  • Comprehensive real-time data collection; web & mobile dashboard management & reporting.
  • Rest-based API: Export data directly to other airport systems.




Bigbelly In Your Airport

Bigbelly Smart Waste Airport Terminal

Bigbelly Smart Waste & Recycling Products


Reach out the to the Bigbelly Team for more information on Smart Waste & Recycling for your Campus, City, Retail locations, Airport, and everything in between. We can't wait to meet you!

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