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"Facility Services Bigbelly Trash Compactors handled 100,580 gallons of waste in 2016" at LSU

Posted by Bigbelly on 2/13/17 3:23 PM

Louisiana State University (Baton Rouge, LA) is among the ranks of college and university campuses making a meaningful, measurable impact with their Bigbelly smart waste and recycling system. LSU recently unveiled their successes in waste containment from last year after their smart system's install in January 2016. With a motivation to reduce waste collection costs and promote recycling to the student body and staff, the Office of Facility Services has championed their great success with system to date. Way to go, LSU community!

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Top 25 Smart College Campus Deployments with Highest Diversion Ratios -- 2016 in Review

Posted by Bigbelly on 1/31/17 11:05 AM

As we look back at 2016 and ahead into 2017, we reflect on and are inspired by our customer successes. We are excited to unveil the Top 25 Highest Recycling & Compost Diversion Ratios from College and University Deployments.  Congratulations to each and every one of these college and universities! We could not be more proud to be a part of these organizations' success in achieving goals related to public space recycling diversion to create a more sustainable community for today and tomorrow.

1. University of California - Merced (CA , United States) - 69% of Waste was Diverted from the Landfill!

2. University of California - San Francisco (CA, United States)

3. University of Washington - Seattle (WA, United States)

4. University of California - Berkeley (CA, United States)

5. University of California - Santa Barbara (CA, United States)

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