Bigbelly Compacting Trash Cans Great For City of Millbrae, California

Posted by Bigbelly on 7/31/18 10:33 AM

"The reality is, downtown trash has been a big problem for a long time and this showed beneficial results almost immediately."

MILLBRAE, CA — In 2013, the City of Millbrae, in conjunction with South San Francisco Scavenger Company, launched a pilot program to see how effective Big Belly solar compacting trash cans would be in reducing trash overflows and staffing costs for high use trash cans throughout Millbrae's downtown. The results were overwhelmingly positive as the Bigbelly's held 10 times as much trash and significantly reduced the amount of staff time needed to empty and maintain them.

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Bigbelly Smart Bins Reduce Bin Collections in Derbyshire Dales by 95%

Posted by Bigbelly on 7/30/18 10:46 AM

Solar Compacting Bins Fit More Waste; Only Need Collecting When FulL

Overflowing bins, vermin risks and shrinking resources are what prompted Derbyshire Dales Council to replace 115 litterbins with only 42 Bigbelly units - a decision that has since reduced unnecessary bin empties by up to 95% within some parts of the local authority.

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"Bigbelly Smart Waste & Recycling System has arrived on Elmwood"

Posted by Bigbelly on 7/27/18 9:46 AM

Just across from the Canadian border and close in proximity to the iconic Niagara Falls... the Buffalo, New York community is one of the latest to adopt smart waste and recycling management with Bigbelly. The "vibrant village" of Elmwood describes itself as an "urban hot spot is home to Buffalo’s coolest coffee drinking, art loving foodies and fashionable creatives [...that...] was named one of the country’s 10 best neighborhoods and boasts some of the city’s most popular boutiques, bars and restaurants."

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Panel Session: Modernizing Campus Waste at APPA 2018 Educational Facilities Leadership Conference

Posted by Bigbelly on 7/17/18 10:23 AM

Join Bigbelly and educational facilities leaders at APPA 2018 Annual Conference and Exhibition in Washington, D.C. from August 3-5, 2018. APPA's annual conference is the platform for discussion, information share, networking, and much more! Join us and educational colleagues for this distinctive international event to discover best practices used by the profession's most recognized and talented educational facilities leaders. Attendees convene to identify and discuss the most current and pressing challenges facing educational facilities, and determine the common path forward. We are excited to be moderating a panel discussion among higher education facilities leaders on the role that smart waste solutions play in transforming campus waste and recycling services.

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Colorful, Fun, and Smart Waste and Recycling in the Municipality of Peristeri, Greece

Posted by Bigbelly on 7/17/18 8:14 AM

When you think about garbage bins locations in public spaces, certain areas immediately come to mind... Places such as sidewalks, plazas and squares, parks and picnic areas, trails and transit stops. These are all true across the globe! Waste bins are a key city infrastructure that have the opportunity to significantly enhance an environment and streetscape when a colorful, fun and smart solution is in place.  

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Smart Trash Cans Saving the Environment in Alingsås, Sweden

Posted by Bigbelly on 7/12/18 7:46 AM

The municipality of Alingsås, Sweden announced the installation of solar-powered and self-communicating smart bins. The units compress waste as it is thrown away, and notify when they are getting full. This way, the municipality will save on the number of collections and the barrels can be placed where they are most needed.

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Smart Waste for Office Centers | Bigbelly at Adidas Headquarters in Herzogenaurach, Germany

Posted by Bigbelly on 7/11/18 9:04 AM

Smart waste management is not only for use in municipalities and universities. Bigbelly's smart waste system is deployed in private sector spaces - from grocery stores to office parks - to streamline productivity, reduce environmental footprint of operations, and keep their spaces clean and green. These venues use Bigbelly to automate much of the work needed to manage the all-too-frequent task of trash and recycling collection.

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Expanding Smart Waste & Recycling with Bigbelly in Dubrovnik, Croatia

Posted by Bigbelly on 7/10/18 7:57 AM

Dubrovnik, Croatia is continuing to modernize waste collection with Bigbelly. The city's waste disposal company "Čistoća" has expanded their Bigbelly smart waste and recycling system to now include more public areas of Dubrovnik, such as the historic core of Baja, Ploče and Uvala Lapad. Bigbelly is helping help them to keep public spaces clean and neat, while achieving huge savings in operating costs.

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Smart Waste in the French Riviera | Ville de Menton, France

Posted by Bigbelly on 7/9/18 9:37 AM

Bigbelly deployments are soaking up the sun along the French Riviera's Mediterranean coastline. As you walk along the hilly, medieval old town situated along the beautiful beach and filled with picturesque gardens in the Ville de Menton, look out for Bigbelly's smart, solar-powered waste compacting system sprinkling the streetscape to collect pedestrian waste. 

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Södertälje, Sweden... Litter-Free and Wi-Fi Enabled with Bigbelly Smart Waste System

Posted by Bigbelly on 7/6/18 8:46 AM

The Municipality of Södertälje, Sweden produced a fun summer-themed video featuring their forward-looking waste coordinator, Tomas. This city located ~20 miles outside of Stockholm uses the Bigbelly system to reduce litter in their public spaces and to offer Wi-Fi hotspot service to their constituents enjoying the spaces.

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Deployment Highlight for Dun Laoghaire Rathdown County Council - Read the Case Study

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