"Wilson, North Carolina debuts solar-powered, self-compacting trash cans"

Posted by Bigbelly on 1/25/19 8:20 AM

WILSON, NC — Trash collection in historic downtown Wilson has gotten an upgrade thanks to smart technology, and officials are hoping to eventually roll out the Bigbelly brand garbage and recycling bins elsewhere in the city.

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Topics: Smart Waste Benefits, Smart Cities, Sustainability

"High Tech waste guzzling bins installed at Deal Seafront by Dover District Council"

Posted by Bigbelly on 1/24/19 4:57 PM

[New] high-tech bins designed to crush rubbish and notify the council when they need emptying have been installed along Deal seafront. Dover District Council (DDC) has [deployed] the larger capacity waste containers as part of work to keep the town and beaches clean and tidy.

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Smart Stockholm's Winner of the Digitalization Award 2018 - Norrmalm's Digital, Smart Garbage Bins

Posted by Bigbelly on 12/4/18 5:21 PM
Mr. Bo Hoglund, Park Attendant & Project Leader for digital and smart waste bins in Stockholm's Norrmalm district, received the Digitalization Award 2018 from the City of Stockholm. Congratulations from the Bigbelly team to the entire  Norrmalm group for their recognition of the outstanding efforts and success that they have achieved with smarter waste management in their district of Stockholm!  Read on for the announcement originally published on the   City of Stockholm - SmartStockholm blog:
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Bigbelly International at #SCEWC18: Smart City Expo and World Congress 2018 in Barcelona

Posted by Bigbelly on 11/30/18 8:49 AM

The extended Bigbelly team - our fantastic international distributors - took to the show floor at Smart City Expo and World Congress 2018 earlier this month in Barcelona!

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The Convergence of 5G and Smart City: Smart Cities Connect Fall Conference Presentation & Recap

Posted by Bigbelly on 11/29/18 4:46 PM

Information and Communications Technologies (ICT) Division was thrilled to share the stage among industry leaders from T-Mobile and Nokia at last month's Smart Cities Connect Fall Conference and Expo in Tampa, FL. This industry leading event brought thought-provoking IoT, Telecom, and Smart City movers and shakers together to discuss the trends and trajectory of everything related to Smart Cities.

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Hybrid Refuse Canisters Aim to Clean-up City || Bigbelly in Port Townsend, Washington

Posted by Bigbelly on 11/14/18 10:11 AM

The sight of overfilled trash bins in uptown and downtown may be a thing of the past now that 10 brand-new “smart” refuse and recycling canisters have been installed by the city of Port Townsend Public Works Department.

“We are excited about this solution downtown after struggling for several years with keeping trash cans emptied,” Greg Lanning, Public Works director, told The Leader Oct. 19. “Along with other recent improvements to Water Street, such as new sidewalks, trees, rain gardens and the plaza at Tyler Street, having a solution for trash and recycling enhances the downtown experience.”

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Topics: Smart Waste Benefits, Smart Cities, Sustainability

Stratford to Deploy “Bigbelly” Solar Compacting Trash & Recycle Containers

Posted by Bigbelly on 11/13/18 11:23 AM

STRATFORD, CT – Beginning this week, the Town of Stratford will begin deploying a number of Bigbelly solar compacting trash and recycle containers throughout the town. Stratford Mayor Laura R. Hoydick said that obtaining these new containers was the result of work by the Stratford Green Task Force, and will keep Stratford streets, parks and recreational areas cleaner while saving the town money in the long-run.

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Topics: Smart Waste Benefits, Smart Cities, Sustainability

Smart Waste Live from the City of Summit, New Jersey

Posted by Bigbelly on 11/1/18 4:36 PM

Congratulations to the City of Summit, New Jersey for their adoption of the Bigbelly smart waste and recycling system! We're excited to see this community create cleaner public spaces by keeping trash and recycling contained within their High Capacity compacting units. This smart system reports into their DPW department when stations are full and ready to be collected. We can't wait to see Summit's success with the system! Enjoy the Mayor's live introduction from Facebook here:

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Topics: Smart Waste Benefits, Smart Cities, Sustainability

Fix-It Tenderloin & Bigbelly Waste Stations in San Francisco

Posted by Bigbelly on 10/26/18 5:13 PM

Congratulations to the Fix-It Team and the Tenderloin neighborhood in downtown San Francisco, California for their deployment of the Bigbelly smart waste system! We're excited to see this community embracing the Bigbelly system to make an impact on cleanliness in their community. Kudos!

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Topics: Smart Waste Benefits, Smart Cities

Bloomfield Continues Push To Improve Services, Installs Smart-Technology Compacting Waste Bins

Posted by Bigbelly on 10/18/18 11:29 AM

OCTOBER 15 / BLOOMFIELD, NJ -- The Township of Bloomfield is investing in smart-technology compacting waste bins that have been set up at five locations throughout town. These waste bins have built-in compactors that utilize solar power, and are locked so no rodents or other animals can get in.

The bins are provided by Bigbelly Solutions, Inc., a Massachusetts-based company that has sold compacting bins in 54 countries and recently installed 50 bins in Montclair. The five cans in Bloomfield have been programmed to auto-generate email and online notifications to the Department of Public Works when each needs to be emptied.

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Topics: Smart Waste Benefits, Smart Cities, Sustainability

Deployment Highlight for Dun Laoghaire Rathdown County Council - Read the Case Study

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