"Council introduces smart bins to Bondi: IoT Awards finalist partners with Solar Bins Australia to deploy fleet"

Posted by Bigbelly on 6/9/17 2:21 PM

Congratulations to Waverley Municipal Council for being selected project winner for government category of the inaugural Australian IoT Awards 2017!  Check out all the winners, here.

The IoT project entry "Bondi’s new solar bins – Litter prevention powered by the sun" is top ranking in the Government caterogy with their "network of [Bigbelly] internet-connected smart bins that automatically compact internal garbage and send alerts via SMS and email when they’re full." Story originally published on IoT Hub Australia:


Connected rubbish bins have quickly gained popularity as a smart city application, and Waverley Council has deemed the technology worthy of Australia’s most iconic beach.

Spread across Bondi Beach and Bondi Junction, 42 [Bigbelly] solar-powered smart bins supplied by Solar Bins Australia have been deployed, marking it as the largest council fleet of the bins in the country.

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"Enabling smart cities with smart wireless infrastructure"

Posted by Bigbelly on 4/19/17 8:04 AM

Communities and solution providers share the challenge of how and where to deploy Smart City solutions and communications infrastructure in the public right-of-way without additional clutter or negative aesthetic impact.

Bigbelly provides a public right-of-way platform to deliver Smart City solutions and host communications infrastructure. Connect is a platform deployed in the public right-of-way that delivers much more than smart waste & recycling. In addition to modernizing a core city service, it is optimal for hosting additional technologies. It is easy to access and can hide technology in plain sight.

Read on to "Learn how JMA Wireless is hiding equipment in plain [sight] to speed up adoption of smart city and IoT Solutions" as published in RCR Wireless News.

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"Bigbelly has big impact on Athens" | Introducing Public Space Recycling in Athens, Ohio

Posted by Bigbelly on 3/13/17 12:04 PM

Athens, Ohio is a historic college town (home to Ohio University), located in the southeast region of the state and home to a population of approximately 25,000. The city deployed the Bigbelly smart waste and recycling system with the motivations of introducing recycling to public spaces while optimizing the collection routine in the Court Street area.

The city was collecting waste bins in the area 7x per week before Bigbelly and has reduced their collection frequency by nearly 85% to 1.1x per week on average. By introducing recycling to public spaces by using dual-stream smart stations, Athens has achieved a 47% recycling diversion rate in 2017 to date.

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"Montclair Goes Smart with Waste Management" | Revitalizing the Downtown District and Keeping Litter Contained in New Jersey

Posted by Bigbelly on 2/28/17 10:35 AM

One of the latest municipalities to change their space with the Bigbelly system is the Township of Montclair in Essex County, New Jersey. This 40,000 resident township is located about 20 miles northwest of New York City, well-know to be home to baseball legend Yogi Berra, and home to Montclair State University.

Town leadership deployed the Bigbelly system to better manage public space waste in the Montclair Center area, the townships's main commercial zone. In 2015, Montclair Center won the Great American Main Street Award from the National Trust for Historic Preservation which recognizes "communities exemplyfing the use of the Main Street Approach to revitalization of their traditional downtowns and/or neighborhood business districts." 

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Bigbelly Smart Waste & Recycling Systems Captured Over 112 Million Gallons of Public Space Waste Last Year

Posted by Bigbelly on 2/7/17 8:05 AM


Bigbelly Unveils Top 2016 Successes for Optimized Collections & Recycling Diversion

Needham, MA / February 7, 2017 – Bigbelly, Inc., the world leading Smart City Solutions Provider specializing in smart waste and recycling systems, revealed that a total of 112,119,235 gallons of public space waste was successfully contained in their connected systems last year. Bigbelly is proud to empower customers across fifty countries to manage this core city service in a smarter, data-driven, sustainable manner while creating the cleaner, more desirable streetscapes of today and tomorrow.

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Top 25 Most Efficient Smart City Deployments -- 2016 in Review

Posted by Bigbelly on 1/31/17 11:20 AM

As we look back at 2016 and ahead into 2017, we reflect on and are inspired by our customer successes. We are excited to unveil the Top 25 Most Efficient Smart City Deployments Using the Bigbelly Smart Waste & Recycling System.  Congratulations to each and every one of these cities, towns, parks and transit systems, business improvement districts, other public spaces for constituent enjoyment and their impacted communities! These cities and entites within are power users of their smart waste system and are taking full advantage of data-driven waste management across city limits.

1. Thayer Street District Management Authority, RI (United States) - 99% Average Efficiency for 2016!

2. Cheshire West and Chester Council, England (United Kingdom) 

3. Brighton and Hove Council, England (United Kingdom)

4. DunLaoghaire Rathdown Council, Dublin (Ireland)

5. Gravesham Borough Council, England (United Kingdom)

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Top 25 Smart City Deployments with Highest Diversion Ratios -- 2016 in Review

Posted by Bigbelly on 1/31/17 11:04 AM

As we look back at 2016 and ahead into 2017, we reflect on and are inspired by our customer successes. We are excited to unveil the Top 25 Highest Recycling & Compost Diversion Ratios from Smart City Deployments.  Congratulations to each and every one of these cities, towns, parks and transit systems, business improvement districts, other public spaces for constituent enjoyment and their impacted communities! We could not be more proud to be a part of these municipalities' success in achieving goals related to public space recycling diversion to create a more sustainable community for today and tomorrow.

1. City of Santa Clarita, CA (United States) - 66% of Waste was Diverted from the Landfill!

2. City of Burlington, VT (United States)

3. Santa Clarita Transit, CA (United States)

4. City of San Diego, CA (United States)

5. City of Louisville, KY (United States)

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"Mayor announces more free Wi-Fi for part of west Louisville neighborhood"

Posted by Bigbelly on 2/17/16 10:04 AM

The Bigbelly Smart Waste & Recycling System goes beyond data-driven waste management. We are excited to highlight the City of Louisville, Kentucky and applaud this community for leveraging required core infrastructure primarily used for public space to deliver more value to its citizens by way of Public Space Wi-Fi service hosted in their Bigbelly system.

Learn more below from the City of Louisville's recent release to unveil this powerful step in the West Louisville Neighborhood Wi-Fi Project:

Standing in the Russell neighborhood, Mayor Greg Fischer today launched Phase 2 of the West Louisville Neighborhood Wi-Fi Project, which uses innovative technology to provide free Internet to citizens.

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"In Boston, tracking data to score government progress" |  Creating The Smart Cities of Today & Tomorrow

Posted by Bigbelly on 12/18/15 9:19 AM

 "In Boston, tracking data to score government progress" a video clip by PBS Newshour

Boston plans to use data and analytics to help improve operations, better measure performance and increase efficiency under a forthcoming initiative called CityScore. A single number is issued daily, measuring how the city is meeting its goals on a variety of quality-of-life metrics. PBS NewsHour covers Boston’s use of technology (including Bigbelly!) in the latest installment of their series “Urban Ideas.”

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Measuring the Success of Public Space Recycling Programs

Posted by Leila Dillon on 11/16/15 12:41 PM

Your town or city recently implemented a public space recycling program. After much planning, how will town officials know if it needs adjustment? If it is ready for expansion? If it is working as efficiently and effectively as planned?

Measurement of course will help to determine the program’s impact. The measurements extend well beyond knowing the location and number of recycling containers in public spaces. It requires data turned into information used by all parties involved – Department of Public Works, neighborhood or district improvement groups, waste and recycling haulers, and town and city officials.

Knowing how the overall program performs as well as metrics about the efficacy of each container helps demonstrate the program’s benefits and aids in strengthening community support.

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Bigbelly offers a multi-purpose platform for building smarter cities. We are uniquely positioned as a public right-of-way platform that modernizes public space waste management, delivers Smart City solutions, and hosts communications infrastructure. Join us as we think Beyond the Bin!

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