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New Zealand Explores Waste and Recycling Innovation

Posted by Jenna McGrail on 2/26/16 5:03 PM

From the Wild West to the White Sandy Beaches of the East, the Bigbelly System has began to change public waste in the North Island of New Zealand. After surveying the local people and gathering their feedback on the new technology, everyone has been able to see the proven benefits of the smart Bigbelly system.

Creating a more aesthetically pleasing area for the locals and holiday visitors, the bins have eliminated overflows and have reduced rubbish volumes found outside of the bins. With over 100 bins deployed in the past three months into campgrounds, large facilities such as the Auckland airport, parks and reserves within rural coastal towns by the end of last year, people are beginning to grasp the benefits and results that the Bigbelly system can create. Not only are they saving Manco's clients money, but they are also creating a family friendly environment that is litter free and safe.

During the Summer holidays, beaches and lakes without Bigbelly are more likely to experience increased foot traffic and overflowing fish and chip wrappers at the local picnic spot. The overflows will be eliminated for destinations such as Whiritoa, Raglan and Taupo, thanks to Bigbelly's cloud based monitoring equipment and solar powered 5:1 compactor. 

The Bigbelly system will sure to be arising in towns or facility throughout New Zealand as they explore innovation in public space waste and recycling. We recently connected with Ben Calvert, Bigbelly Product Manager, to discuss Manco Environmental's efforts and impact on improving waste management in New Zealand.

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Australia Embraces Smart Waste and Recycling

Posted by Jenna McGrail on 8/31/15 8:55 AM

Solar Bins Australia is creating a truly sustainable waste network for Australia as an international distribution partner for Bigbelly. To waste managers, Solar Bins Australia provides advanced, cost-efficient waste management technology and dedicated support. The end goal: to create smarter, cleaner cities that respond to the changes in current waste management practices to ensure future support and quality life for customers in Australia! 

We recently connected with Leon Hayes, Managing Director, to discuss the company’s vision and efforts to improving waste management down under with the Bigbelly system.

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