Definition: Livability

Posted by Leila Dillon on 8/19/15 4:54 PM

Livability describes the diverse aspects of society, surroundings, and shared experiences that shape a community. It focuses on the human experience and is specific to place and time. It includes economic, spatial, and social components that together are challenging to understand and measure in our defined world of planning and development of today's communities for tomorrow. As such, it is best defined by the state, region, or community, and is best measured at a scale where consensus can be found.

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Definition: Disruptive Technology

Posted by Leila Dillon on 7/20/15 9:24 AM

Is disruption the same as innovation? We believe they are quite different. Disruptors are innovators, but not all innovations cause disruption. Both change, make, or build new markets, processes, and services. However, disruptors are more dramatic in the sense that they change behaviors or thinking. They cause changes in how people learn and work. Disruptors change lives. Innovation is more subtle – it does not displace an existing market, industry, or technology.


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Definition: Resilient City

Posted by Leila Dillon on 6/26/15 10:04 AM

The world is an ever evolving ecosystem. In some instances, change advances cities and towns, economies, governments, lives, natural resources, and the environment, while occasionally change drains these stakeholders, assets, and resources. Around the globe, municipalities are exploring strategies for developing greater capacities for urban resilience to future impacts – climate change, high unemployment, energy scarcity, political and economic disruption, overtaxed public services & resources, etc.

Resilient Cities are those that aggressively and proactively plan and design strategies that will help them develop the necessary capacity to meet tomorrow’s challenges, including shocks and stresses to their infrastructure systems. Cities are looking at ways to become more self-sufficient and energy efficient. Central to effective urban planning is the ability to facilitate the development of greater capacity for future proofing.

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Definition: Smart City

Posted by Leila Dillon on 6/23/15 5:40 PM

Imagine a world where cities talk and share live updates on air and noise pollution, traffic patterns and parking availability, water quality, power and light availability. That sort of insight could dramatically improve the economic and environmental health of city residents, visitors, employees and businesses, and increase productivity and working conditions for those involved in city management and maintenance.

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Definition: Internet of Things (IoT)

Posted by Leila Dillon on 6/19/15 2:53 PM

IoT is the next stage of the information revolution. It is driven by inter-connectivity of everything from urban transport to medical devices and other wearables and household or consumer appliances. The application of IoT is virtually limitless, restricted today only by network architecture and data storage capacity. While specialized use cases exist, IoT adoption is central to the success of several ‘smart’ categories – city, enterprise, environment, home, and wearables. The characteristics of the IoT products and solutions in these categories vary significantly but their primary goals are similar – using big data and connectivity to generate a level of knowledge and insight previously unavailable such that every day happenings, lives and processes are improved upon by the new services, approaches and solutions derived.

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