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Urban Organic Waste – Diamond in the Rough

Posted by Leila Dillon on 7/6/15 10:02 AM

Recycling organic products and materials reduces the accumulation of organics in the city. Think that ripe not so sweet smell wafting through city alleyways or trash bins...

By separating organics from landfill garbage, cities can recycle those nutrients to create a ‘fertilizer’ waste stream that can be used by urban victory gardeners and commercial farmers who grow larger scale volumes of produce. Urban public space composting embodies our favorite 3 R's - reduce, reuse, recycle. Some communities are creating public composting sites and offering organic waste bins on sidewalks and in parks to encourage organic waste recycling. In turn, this organic matter can be converted to commercial products while decreasing landfill waste and boosting the economic gain.

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Public Space Waste: From Eyesore To Amenity

Posted by Arthur Braunstein on 7/2/15 10:12 AM

A few days ago, a customer turned a phrase that embodies what Bigbelly does with surgical precision and profound understanding.

I was relating to her a personal experience. To celebrate a family milestone, we and our close friends visited a local restaurant with streetside dining. At the restaurant, we selected the perfect outdoor table to enjoy the warming spring weather. Halfway through the meal, one of our friends pointed towards the street and joyfully asked: isn't that one of your Bigbellys? In fact, we were sitting less than ten feet from a Bigbelly waste and recycling station. And people were using it.

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14 Ways to Improve Community Recycling Rates

Posted by Leila Dillon on 7/1/15 5:56 PM

There’s a lot to be said about improving municipal recycling efforts. It helps to keep public spaces clean, eradicate pest problems, and provide measurable environmental benefits by waste diversion from landfills. Towns can also reduce tipping costs and other expenses related to waste disposal, and increase credits recycling incentive programs.

"Even in small cities, the returns from an efficient recycling program can have quite an impact," according to the EPA. Participation in urban recycling can be challenging but it’s often due in part to the programs in place. We know that city recycling programs need to appeal to a large and diverse population. Programs focused on increasing participating help to improve recycling rates. Below are a few interesting recycling stats from the EPA's latest national survey in 2009, as reported by our friends at Keep America Beautiful:

  • Americans recovered 34% of waste generated in 2009.
  • About 9,000 curbside residential recycling programs existed in the US that year.
  • The 34% diverted waste equaled 82 million tons of recycled material.
  • This national wide recycling behavior reduced CO2 emissions in a mass equal to removing 33 million passenger vehicles from the roads.
  • The US recycling industry workforce is comprised of 1.1 million employees, generating over $236 billion in annual revenue.
  • The recyclable materials left in the US landfill waste stream would have amounted to over $7 billion if properly recycled.
  • There was 3 pounds of trash per person per day thrown away into the landfill waste stream; that is enough trash to circle the earth 24 times.

(Statistics sourced from Keep America Beautiful.)

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Urban Waste Management is No Laughing Matter

Posted by Leila Dillon on 6/24/15 2:25 PM

Jerry Seinfeld and Julia Louis-Dreyfus were laughing it up during a recent episode of Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee. Their banter was not at all focused on urban blight but as they walked the streets you cannot help but notice how clean the streets were. Beautification and keeping public spaces clean is a top priority for most cities and towns. However, it is not always an easy task. The conditions and issues of urban waste management vary from one municipality to the next and often from one neighborhood to another just down the block.

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Topics: Urban Waste Management, Community, Recycling, Municipality

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