Streetscape Beautification with North Beach Citizens of San Francisco

Posted by Bigbelly on 2/25/19 6:03 PM

Another Bay Area community is embracing the Bigbelly system! The North Beach neighborhood in San Francisco, California announced their deployment of the Bigbelly system last Friday with it's community-focused ribbon cutting event. The Mayor's office Fix-It Team is continuing to change the status quo for waste management and the North Beach Citizens organization jumped on the opportunity!

The Bigbelly solution addresses the involved organizations' core missions to improve quality of life in the neighborhoods and solve critical cleanliness issues that impact livability. North Beach Citizens is a motivating and passionate nonprofit that "utilizes the talents of the community to innovatively address the needs of its homeless and low-income citizens in an atmosphere of trust, integrity, and respect" (website).

North Beach Citizens is keeping their community clean with their Street Beautification Program, an incentive-based volunteer program for homeless and low-income clients, and is proud to be installing Bigbelly as a key component. The Bigbelly system notifies North Beach Citizens, SF’s Department of Public Works, and Recology when a station needs to be collected to avoid messy overflows and windblown litter.

Many partnering community organizations were involved in making this deployment a reality: North Beach Merchants, Telegraph Hill Dwellers, North Beach Neighbors, Supervisor Aaron Peskin, the Mayor's Office, Office of Economic and Workforce Development, and Department of Public Works. Kudos to the North Beach community! 


The Bigbelly Smart Waste System benefits are well aligned with the North Beach Citizens’ areas of focus, and we cannot wait to see them succeed! 

  • Clean, Safe, Engaging Spaces: improving the public space quality of life
    • Streetscape beautification
    • Removes visible waste and reduces litter on sidewalks
    • Prevents wind-blown litter
    • Eliminates overflows
    • Reduce illegal dumping and pilfering

  • Environmental and operational benefits
    • Display of North Beach's commitment to sustainability and cleaner district
    • Spend time on more meaningful street beautification jobs, instead of cleaning up litter
    • Reduce waste-related 311 reports

  • Promote North Beach Citizens Community
    • Graphic wraps promote community presence and awareness of NCB mission
    • Inherently promotes cleanliness and beautification in our community!


Topics: Sustainability, Smart Waste Benefits, Smart Cities

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