"Bigbelly bins solve Love Lane problems"  |  Success in Quintessential Long Island, New York Community

Posted by Bigbelly on 12/20/17 3:28 PM

The Southold community has embraced a modern way to manage waste in one of their busiest public spaces: Love Lane in Mattituck. This quintessential main street in the community features a train station, post office, shops and restaurants for pedestrians to enjoy.

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Solar-Powered Bins Have an Appetite for Litter across Loch Lomond & The Trossachs National Park, UK

Posted by Bigbelly on 12/4/17 8:02 AM

Loch Lomond & The Trossachs National Park has recently trialled large compressing solar powered bins to reduce litter at popular visitor sites. As part of a wide range of initiatives to tackle the ongoing problem of littering within the National Park; the Park Authority has recently trialled the use of solar powered bins called Bigbelly bins in three key visitor locations.

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Bigbelly Deployment Results in Measurably Less Litter in Uppsala, Sweden

Posted by Bigbelly on 12/1/17 7:56 AM

The municipality of Uppsala, Sweden has taken the lead in creating an incredibly engaging public space waste program. On a mission to diminish litter in their parks and on their streets, Uppsala deployed the first ever "garbage choir" of Bigbelly smart waste units - both elders (high capacity, compactors) and youngsters (standard capacity, non-compactors) - to educate and encourage proper waste disposal in their community's public spaces.

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Alliance for Downtown New York Reaches Recycling Milestone - 1,000 Tons of Recycling in Lower Manhattan

Posted by Bigbelly on 11/29/17 12:08 PM

November 28 marked a day of celebration for the Alliance for Downtown New York. They reached a milestone of recycling 1,000 tons of glass, plastic, metal, and paper by the 180 Bigbelly stations around the district. That is equivalent to 333 elephants, 74 NYC buses or $37B dollars worth of gold! #DownIsWhatsUp

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Mayor Kasim Reed Launches Atlanta’s Bigbelly Recycling Program

Posted by Bigbelly on 11/29/17 11:43 AM

ATLANTA – Mayor Kasim Reed today announced the launch of the City of Atlanta’s new Bigbelly recycling program, which will transform a core city service by embracing smart technology for waste and recycling collections. The new program places smart, double-station waste and recycling bins in 160 locations in Downtown Atlanta, the Westside and Little Five Points neighborhood, which help keep communities clean, advance environmental goals and support smart city efforts.

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Trash Robots: They Think Therefore They Are

Posted by Bigbelly on 11/29/17 10:02 AM

I'm compelled to make the case: I work with robots. I hope you hear me out. Bigbelly robots…and by that I mean, Bigbelly stations... provide a 5X increase in employee productivity by automating much of the work associated with collecting trash and recycling. Our army of Bigbelly stations can be found at supermarkets, retail centers, hospitals, municipalities and college/corporate campuses. So, what is the robot case for our Bigbelly trash and recycling automation system?

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Achieving 'Zero Waste at Chou Hall' on University of California, Berkeley's Campus

Posted by Bigbelly on 11/27/17 8:27 AM

The University of California at Berkeley is committed to achieving Zero Waste by 2020. This campus is setting the tone and pace for other college and universities to follow. UC Berkeley's most recent related initiative is 'Zero Waste at Chou Hall' - a campus building in the Haas School of Business that is progressing towards Zero Waste Certification and sharing best practices along the way.

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"City of Kwinana Leads Western Australian Smart Waste"

Posted by Bigbelly on 11/22/17 11:54 AM

Bigbelly International Distribution Partner, Solar Bins Australia, recently deployed the Bigbelly smart waste and recycling solution in the City of Kwinana, south of Perth in Western Australia. Enjoy an article that was featured in the Weekend Courier:

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Modern, Colorful Smart Waste and Recycling is Cleaning up Jupiter Beach and Parks in Florida

Posted by Bigbelly on 11/20/17 8:12 AM

"Practical and colorful" are the words used by My Plam Beach Post to describe Juipter, Florida's new Bigbelly smart waste and recycling system. Situated in the northernmost part of Palm Beach County, this beachfront community is committed to increasing recycling and decreasing their environmental impact by modernizing their waste operations.

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New Recycling Units In Downtown Orlando: A Smart and Sustainable Solution

Posted by Bigbelly on 11/16/17 2:02 PM

The City of Orlando is taking steps forward in their commitment to make their community green and smart. Motivated by the prospect of adding recycling to their public space waste infrastructure, the City has deployed the Bigbelly system in their downtown area to capture recycables while pedestrians are on-the-go.

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