Smart Waste Management in the UAE | "Dubai Municipality places 100 smart waste containers on Sheikh Zayed Road"

Posted by Bigbelly on 4/11/18 8:23 AM

Dubai, the largest and most populous city in the United Arab Emirates, is one of the latest municipalities to adopt Bigbelly's world leading smart waste and recycling management solution.

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JTC Singapore deploys Bigbelly "smart waste bins that alert cleaners via SMS when full"

Posted by Bigbelly on 3/19/18 9:05 AM

Smart waste management makes a meaningful impact for JTC Corporation, an industrial property developer in Singapore, as reported in Today Online: 

After a successful pilot for solar-paneled “smart” trash bins, industrial property developer JTC has put up more than 40 of these bins around the island.  The bins, called Bigbelly bins, have an internal compactor to crunch rubbish and can handle about five times more trash than another of a similar size. They have an enclosed design that prevents scavengers, pests and odours, and are connected wirelessly for easy monitoring and management. 
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Discover the Impact of A Multi-Purpose Smart City Platform at Smart Cities Connect in Kansas City

Posted by Bigbelly on 3/16/18 4:36 PM

We're looking forward to the 2018 Smart Cities Connect Conference & Expo this month (March 26-29 in Kansas City, MO)! Bigbelly takes the stage alongside Ruckus Networks on Thursday, March 29 to inspire city leaders about the impact a multi-purpose infrastructure platform that solves a core city service and continues to deliver more value by offering a hosting location for wireless technologies exactly where the people are.

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"Havering Council introduces high-tech ‘Bigbelly’ bins in Romford town centre"

Posted by Bigbelly on 3/16/18 11:53 AM

Smart waste adoption in the UK continues to grow, most recently fifteen miles outside London in the Town of Romford in the Borough of Havering. Romford has introduced Bigbelly's high-tech bins in the town centre in a bid to reduce litter. Read on for an article from the Romford Recorder to learn more:

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Battling the Wasps with Bigbelly at Parque Metropolitano in Santiago, Chile

Posted by Bigbelly on 3/16/18 8:04 AM

Santiago, Chile's iconic Parque Metropolitano battled a major problem with wasps year after year. These pests swarmed the Bellavista Terrace due to the traditional, open-top waste bins used in the area.

This terrace - a hotspot for visitors to Parque Metropolitano - is a main gathering area for new and experienced park visitors alike. The wasp swarms posed a public health risk for any visitors allergic to these insects, and created irritation for visitors who were looking to linger in this beautiful public space.

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"Solar Power Compacts Downtown Trash" in Spokane, Washington

Posted by Bigbelly on 3/15/18 1:38 PM

The City of Spokane joins the ranks of communities leveraging the Bigbelly smart waste and recycling system to manage their public space waste. As Washington's second largest city and the third largest urban area in the Pacific Northwest, Spokane downtown area needed a more sustainable and productive way to handle waste and recycling in this busy and energetic urban core.

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Visit Bigbelly at ILAPPA in Chicago on March 23, 2018

Posted by Bigbelly on 3/15/18 10:11 AM

Bigbelly is excited to be a sponsor the 2018 ILAPPA Annual Conference hosted at the University of Chicago. The Illinois Chapter of APPA (ILAPPA) brings together the area's Leaders in Educational Facilities. This annual event welcomes leaders from across the state who focus on innovations, best practices, and how to improve operations for their respective facilities and institutions.

Visit Bigbelly's table on Friday, March 23 to learn about how our smart waste & recycling system is making a meaningful impact at colleges and universities both across the nation and right in Chicago, and how it can benefit your campus and community.

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Visit Bigbelly at IFAT 2018 in Munich - Hall A5 Booth 207

Posted by Bigbelly on 3/15/18 7:34 AM

Will you be at IFAT in May?  Visit Us to Learn more about Bigbelly!

IFAT ( is the World's Leading Trade Fair for Water, Sewage, Waste and Raw Materials Management, held from May 14 to 18, 2018 in Munich, Germany.

Save the Date for IFAT 2018

Bigbelly is excited to be an exhibitor in the Refuse Collection hall (A5) to showcase our world leading smart waste & recycling solution to 140,000 visitors from 170 countries worldwide. IFAT’s trade floor delivers technologies, innovations, strategies and solutions tailored to meet the requirements of the international waste market. We look forward to discussing the successes of smart waste solutions in communities spanning the globe and how the Bigbelly solution can transform your public waste operations.

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Snow covered Bigbelly? No problem!

Posted by Bigbelly on 3/14/18 2:41 PM

The recent snow storms that have created a winter wonderland among streetscapes and campuses from New England to the Midwest to Europe may have you wondering... Does the Bigbelly station still work when it is covered in snow?  The answer is YES!

Despite being chilled, it is still accepting waste, sensing how full it is, running compactions, and communicating into cloud-based CLEAN. 

Bigbelly’s patented power management technology enables stations to consume less than 3Wh of energy per day and the battery has more than enough energy stored to support this consumption despite any snow, sleet, rain, clouds, shadows, etc.

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"By 2025, Lakewood wants 60 percent of all landfill-bound waste to be recycled, composted or re-used... High-tech recycling bins are helping"

Posted by Bigbelly on 2/28/18 11:08 AM

As reported by the Denver Post, Lakewood's "community-led effort helps minimize environmental impact" with their deployment of the Bigbelly smart waste and recycling system across key public parks and spaces. Lakewood's Mayor unveiled the environmentally-friendly system during a ribbon cutting earlier this month. This community's deployment marks the largest adoption of smart waste management and measurable recycling in the state of Colorado. Read on for more as published in the Denver Post.

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