Industry Read: "Our cities are getting smarter and you probably didn’t even notice"

Posted by Bigbelly on 2/4/17 3:28 PM
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"The term “smart cities” conjures up images of futuresque, Minority Report-style communities in which every car is autonomous, advertisements recognize and follow you wherever you go, and police officers fly around on jetpacks. But a lot of smart innovations are more subtle than that—and are already working in major US cities. [...]
This kind of “smart” technology, in which basic infrastructure like water, power, transportation, and sanitation is connected to the internet, is being piloted in the US in places like Boston, Massachusetts; Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; Washington, DC; San Francisco, California; and South Bend, Indiana. [...]
Cities don’t need to implement every connected solution to be considered “smart.” The technology works best when it’s used to solve specific, existing infrastructure issues, says Dan Correa, senior advisor for innovation policy at the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy."

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