Expanding Smart Waste & Recycling with Bigbelly in Dubrovnik, Croatia

Posted by Bigbelly on 7/10/18 7:57 AM

Dubrovnik, Croatia is continuing to modernize waste collection with Bigbelly. The city's waste disposal company "Čistoća" has expanded their Bigbelly smart waste and recycling system to now include more public areas of Dubrovnik, such as the historic core of Baja, Ploče and Uvala Lapad. Bigbelly is helping help them to keep public spaces clean and neat, while achieving huge savings in operating costs.

Thanks to cellular connection, GPS transmitter, and the CLEAN software, the real-time Bigbelly units send signals of fullness status and notifications when they need to be emptied. Their use reduces operating costs, primarily fuel consumption, and hence CO2 emissions.

In the last twelve months, the city has captured, contained and collected 1,083,877 liters of waste and recycling in their Bigbelly system and is operating over an impressive 90% efficiency, meaning that they are collecting at just the right time, nearly every time... when bins are full and have called into the CLEAN software, sending a notification that it is time to pick up!

The latest units to be deployed in Dubrovnik include some of Bigbelly's most popular options and accessories - including foot pedals for hands-free use, artistically designed wraps, and an integrated ashtray on the waste units. Many of the Bigbelly HC model solar-powered waste compactors are coupled with Bigbelly's SC model standard capacity smart bins for recycling to make it easy for citizens and tourists closer to properly separate waste and recycling on-the-go. To date, the Dubrovnik community has diverted approximately 24% of recyclable waste from the landfills via their Bigbelly system.


Bigbelly in Dubrovnik, Croatia

Bigbelly in Dubrovnik, Croatia

Bigbelly in Dubrovnik, Croatia

Bigbelly in Dubrovnik, Croatia

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