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"Solar-powered trash, recycling compactors installed across campus" | Colorado State University

Posted by Bigbelly on 10/19/18 10:02 AM

We're excited to welcome Colorado State University as one of the latest campuses to deploy the Bigbelly smart waste and recycling system! These smart units, located up and down the Spine, capture both landfill and recycling waste streams at each location. All units in the fleet call into Bigbelly's CLEAN software to notify campus collectors when they are each full and ready to be collected.

Kudos to this forward-thinking institution for their adoption of smarter waste management practices - we can't wait to see CSU's success with the system! Read on for a article published in the university's local news publication - The Rocky Mountain Collegian - highlighting their smart new program:

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Bloomfield Continues Push To Improve Services, Installs Smart-Technology Compacting Waste Bins

Posted by Bigbelly on 10/18/18 11:29 AM

OCTOBER 15 / BLOOMFIELD, NJ -- The Township of Bloomfield is investing in smart-technology compacting waste bins that have been set up at five locations throughout town. These waste bins have built-in compactors that utilize solar power, and are locked so no rodents or other animals can get in.

The bins are provided by Bigbelly Solutions, Inc., a Massachusetts-based company that has sold compacting bins in 54 countries and recently installed 50 bins in Montclair. The five cans in Bloomfield have been programmed to auto-generate email and online notifications to the Department of Public Works when each needs to be emptied.

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Bigbelly Announces New Distribution Partnership in India

Posted by Bigbelly on 10/17/18 10:41 AM

New partnership with Masstrans expands access to the world leading smart waste and recycling system in India’s rapidly growing smart city market 

OCTOBER 17, 2018 -- Bigbelly, Inc. is pleased to announce the appointment of Masstrans as a distribution partner in India. This partnership expands the global distribution network and supports the thriving international growth of the world leading Bigbelly smart waste and recycling system.

Masstrans Technologies Private Limited, previously Power Electronics, is a Pune-based smart mobility company with an established customer base who pioneers smart city growth in the Indian Subcontinent.

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IoT Solutions World Congress 2018 - Day One Recap #IOTSWC18

Posted by Bigbelly on 10/16/18 5:52 PM

What a whirlwind of the first day at #IOTSWC18 (IoT Solutions World Congress) in Barcelona, Spain today! Bigbelly's Vice President, Leila Dillon, took the stage twice today as a moderator for two great sessions.

Day one could not have been any better, and we're excited to be here for the third year running. First up, we joined Microsoft, Hitachi, and Nokia for a discussion in the Buildings and Infrastructure conference track focused on Smart Infrastructure Multi-Purposed for Today and Tomorrow.

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"Because we know that it works!" - Parque Metropolitano de Santiago #BigBellyChile

Posted by Bigbelly on 10/16/18 4:41 PM

Santiago, Chile's iconic Parque Metropolitano battled a major problem with wasps year after year. These pests swarmed the Bellavista Terrace due to the traditional, open-top waste bins used in the area. Since the implementation of Bigbelly's smart waste technology in Parque Metropolitano, the wasps have taken to less populated, more floral areas of the park. Bigbelly's enclosed system design keeps the Terrace visitors' waste contained and ensures that there is no wasp access to the trash. 

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The Art of Trash at Cal State San Marcos

Posted by Bigbelly on 10/2/18 1:15 PM

Bigbelly's smart waste and recycling bins offer a unique and very visible opportunity to display artwork to enhance community aesthetics and impress a sense of appreciation for creativity. Bins are customizable with full graphic wraps (check out this group of local artists in Philadelphia that recently overtook commercial bin advertising to display a variety of works of art) or message panels on the sides for a bit more flexibility.

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Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle Inspiration  |  How One Community is Reusing their Traditional Wire Bins

Posted by Bigbelly on 10/1/18 11:14 AM

The Bigbelly smart waste and recycling system is modernizing waste management operations in communities across the globe. Our customers' intelligent waste collections have a meaningful impact on streetscape quality of life by keeping spaces cleaner for public enjoyment while increasing productivity by reducing the number pick-ups required each week.

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The Convergence of 5G and Smart City: How, Where & the Role of Public Right of Way Infrastructure for ICT Networks  |  Learn More in Tampa at Smart Cities Connect

Posted by Bigbelly on 9/28/18 4:03 PM

We're looking forward to the 2018 fall edition of Smart Cities Connect Conference & Expo in October in Tampa, Florida! Bigbelly takes the stage alongside Nokia and T-Mobile on day one (10/23) to discuss the Convergence of 5G and Smart Cities. Join us for the conversation as we explore the how, where, and role of public right-of-way infrastructure for Information & Communications Technology (ICT) networks.

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All Ireland Smart Cities Forum - Second Annual Conference to Shape Smart Cities and Regions #SmartCitiesIreland

Posted by Bigbelly on 9/26/18 10:02 AM

Bigbelly's International Distributor, Future Street Ltd., is excited to be taking part as a sponsor in the second annual All Ireland Smart Cities Forum today in Croke Park Stadium in Dublin City. This year's event surrounds around the theme of “Shaping Smart Cities and Regions: Real World Opportunities and Challenges”.

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Digital Transformation in Raleigh, North Carolina

Posted by Bigbelly on 9/24/18 4:35 PM

Raleigh, the capital city for North Carolina, is home to over 450,000 residents, thousands of students at the local universities, and businesses in proximity to the notable Research Triangle Park area. As a community on the forefront of innovation, Raleigh's municipal leaders have prioritized adoption of a digital transformation with a multifaceted strategy. This city has been using Bigbelly smart waste management solutions to modernize their core city service of trash bin collections in public spaces - reaping significant benefits in resource savings and creating clear spaces, all while implementing the city's first widespread recycling program.

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Deployment Highlight for Dun Laoghaire Rathdown County Council - Read the Case Study

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