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Smart Trash Cans Saving the Environment in Alingsås, Sweden

Posted by Bigbelly on 7/12/18 7:46 AM

The municipality of Alingsås, Sweden announced the installation of solar-powered and self-communicating smart bins. The units compress waste as it is thrown away, and notify when they are getting full. This way, the municipality will save on the number of collections and the barrels can be placed where they are most needed.

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Smart Waste for Office Centers | Bigbelly at Adidas Headquarters in Herzogenaurach, Germany

Posted by Bigbelly on 7/11/18 9:04 AM

Smart waste management is not only for use in municipalities and universities. Bigbelly's smart waste system is deployed in private sector spaces - from grocery stores to office parks - to streamline productivity, reduce environmental footprint of operations, and keep their spaces clean and green. These venues use Bigbelly to automate much of the work needed to manage the all-too-frequent task of trash and recycling collection.

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Expanding Smart Waste & Recycling with Bigbelly in Dubrovnik, Croatia

Posted by Bigbelly on 7/10/18 7:57 AM

Dubrovnik, Croatia is continuing to modernize waste collection with Bigbelly. The city's waste disposal company "Čistoća" has expanded their Bigbelly smart waste and recycling system to now include more public areas of Dubrovnik, such as the historic core of Baja, Ploče and Uvala Lapad. Bigbelly is helping help them to keep public spaces clean and neat, while achieving huge savings in operating costs.

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Smart Waste in the French Riviera | Ville de Menton, France

Posted by Bigbelly on 7/9/18 9:37 AM

Bigbelly deployments are soaking up the sun along the French Riviera's Mediterranean coastline. As you walk along the hilly, medieval old town situated along the beautiful beach and filled with picturesque gardens in the Ville de Menton, look out for Bigbelly's smart, solar-powered waste compacting system sprinkling the streetscape to collect pedestrian waste. 

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Eco-friendly Storefront Operations with Bigbelly Smart Waste System at ShopRite Grocery Stores

Posted by Bigbelly on 7/6/18 10:28 AM

By automating storefront tasks where possible, retailers can empower employees to do more meaningful, more customer facing work. Retailers are adopting and embracing innovative solutions for front-of-house labor intensive tasks - such as collecting storefront waste and recycling. 

Bigbelly is automation tool for these innovative retailers - grocery stores, fast causal restaurants, convenience stores, hospitality. By automating much of the work associated with front-of-house waste collections with Bigbelly, retailers are experiencing fivefold productivity increases with reduced trash collections by 80%.

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Södertälje, Sweden... Litter-Free and Wi-Fi Enabled with Bigbelly Smart Waste System

Posted by Bigbelly on 7/6/18 8:46 AM

The Municipality of Södertälje, Sweden produced a fun summer-themed video featuring their forward-looking waste coordinator, Tomas. This city located ~20 miles outside of Stockholm uses the Bigbelly system to reduce litter in their public spaces and to offer Wi-Fi hotspot service to their constituents enjoying the spaces.

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Trash compactor cell towers coming to Riverhead beaches | ABC Channel 7 Report

Posted by Bigbelly on 7/2/18 9:16 AM

As reported by ABC Channel 7:   Beachgoers in one Long Island town can expect to see less garbage and a lot more people on their cell phones. Until now, cell service on South Jamesport and Iron Pier beaches in Riverhead has been spotty at best. Now, new trash compactors made by Bigbelly will be installed. These solar-powered compactors will have a antenna to supply cell service for people nearby, and the garbage cans will notify sanitation when they need to be emptied.

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"Riverhead to install Wi-Fi trash bins at beaches this summer"

Posted by Bigbelly on 6/29/18 8:05 AM

The receptacles will provide beachgoers with Wi-Fi access and alert the town sanitation department when the bins are full

Riverhead, New York (located on the north shore of Long Island) is embracing smart solutions that deliver more value to their community and beach-goers. Bigbelly's smart waste management delivers total containment and added capacity in beachfront locations. Think about some of the challenges solved... no more overflowing trash bins during peak season, no more wind blown litter on those breeze beach days, and no more seagulls flocking into an open top trash bin searching for their next meal.

More over, Riverhead is embracing Bigbelly as a multi-purpose platform that has the ability to host cellular and wireless equipment. Hosting small cells within a unit delivers additional cellular capacity and coverage where it is needed most. Beach-goers will have a welcome surprise when trying to connect to the network once the solution is installed! Read on for the story as reported in Newsday:

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Bigbelly Beats Back Waste Scavenging Seagulls in Hartlepool

Posted by Bigbelly on 6/19/18 7:04 AM

Hartlepool has reduced the number of seagulls scavenging waste, as well as the number of bin collections conducted, following a four week trial of 15 Bigbelly smart stations.

Hartlepool, a seaside town in the northeast of England, has reduced the number of seagulls scavenging waste, as well as the number of bin collections conducted, following a four week trial of 15 Bigbelly smart stations. The Borough Council said is has redefined the term ‘seagull management’ with the deployment of the smart stations across its popular Seaton Carew seafront area – a decision that during the trial period reduced unnecessary bin emptying by 87%.

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"Montclair Expands Bigbelly To All Business Districts"

Posted by Bigbelly on 6/18/18 10:04 AM

"Montclair loves its Bigbelly smart disposal units so much that the town installed 30 more units this week. The purchase of the 150-gallon solar-powered trash compactors follows the success of the initial rollout of 40 units in Montclair Center last February." - article.

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